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It's about more than being found on the internet..,
it's about being remembered!

About Brandable Names

BrandableNames.com is a NameInnovations.com (a subsidiary of ICAN Concepts) domain name investment and marketing venture. Being involved in the domain name business for over 15 years, our company and staff are experienced in and dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the domain industry, and to those looking to build and establish a strong internet identity. Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with, and an understanding of, the importance of solid brand recognition with a unique memorable and brandable domain name.
The internet is vast and people and their business' can get lost. You want to stand out. You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention, and hopefully keeping it. Having a catchy and easy to recall brandable domain name, that says who and what you are, quickly and effectively, is what will set you apart and get you noticed.
We offer carefully selected domain names that we feel would offer various website owners the best possible potential of efficentially expressing their websites' mission, thru a strong recognizable web address that 'easily' brands their products or services. We research and follow the current trends and keep up the social media buzz, to help us get to know and understand what we can and should offer, that will help give you, the client, the edge over your competitors. Being able to keep your websites' name, effortlessly memorable to your audience, makes it so much easier for them when they want to come back, or, relay your sites name to others. And, of course, it's really all about..being remembered!
We realize adapting to new things can be intimidating and some time daunting, but in helping others with the understanding and choosing of a good strong brandable domain name and the purposes for, we hope that we can at least help make it a bit easier for businesses and people, to achieve their long term goals in their interent endeavors.

BrandableNames.com - helping you, market you. 

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