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It's about more than being found on the internet..,
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Whether one is starting a new online business venture; or working to enhance their current online presence; in today's fast paced internet world, it's extremely beneficial and important to keep your website always in your customers mind. Be it thru one's marketing/advertising efforts or thru word of mouth, establishing and embedding one's brand quickly and effectively is the goal of every business. That's why it's important to own a memorable domain name they will always remember. By owning and using a catchy related brandable domain name, you will keep your website's name where it should be...on the tip of your customers tongue!

Brandable Name FAQs


What are Brandable Names?

Brandable Names are unique, memorable, easy to pronounce domain names that stand out for their simplicity to be easliy recalled, while also implying your websites offerings, be it services, products etc.

Why do I need a Brandable Name and how will it help me?

'Brand' is defined as a distinctive name identifying a product or company.  By having a catchy domain name that expresses who you are and what you offer, you not only stand out from your competition, you're more able to quicky embed your 'brand' to your clientel.  You are in essence helping them to more-so and easily, remember you with a domain name that stays with them!  With the internet growing every day and more and more people shopping and searching online than ever, it’s important - to not get lost or forgotten out there!

How do I even go about in choosing a Brandable Name?

You should take several things into consideration. 

  1. Will this name express my company’s unique individuality?  You don’t want to be like everyone else.  No one does.  But you don't want your clientel to 'work' at remembering how to pronounce or spell your domain either.
  2. Choosing a domain name with generic keywords, or catchy popular terms or phrases that also relate to your products or services, helps establish your brand or identity more effectively to your clients.
  3. Does it relate to your service?  The more the domain name relates to your services, the better to be remembered. Ex: 'SmileExperts.com' could be used for anything relating to the dental industry, oral products, plastic surgery etc.. 'MochaLounge.com' could be used to sell chocolate products, an onlline forum, the name of a new trendy coffee house or night club.  There are many possibilities for some names. Brandable domains that convey your mission, are indispensible.
  4. Does it pass the radio test? This is important! A ‘radio test’ is being able to hear a word or phrase, and be able to understand and spell it exactly as it sounds.  Not phonetically!  When people go to their computer you don’t want them getting frustrated at having to guess at the correct spelling giving up, and then heaven forbid, going or ending up at your competitors instead.  Bottom line, keep it simple for others to grasp and remember. No one wants to have to 'think' what the domain name is.
  5. Is it memorable?  In our estimation this is most important!  You have to pull them in and keep them in.  When people need something, you want them to think of you first.  And if your domain is a catchy and easy to remember, they will! By having a good easy to remember Brandable Name, you will stand out in your clientels' mind.  There are an abundance of websites going up every day.  Why will they go to you instead?  Because you induced them to!  Through your brandable domain name you subliminally are putting and keeping your name - 'in their head'.  Make them remember you!

What about Made-Up Brandable Names?

What if I'm wanting a short domain that is already taken or too expensive for my budget? There are brandable names that go the out-of-the-box step; by this we mean in a sense being a ‘made up’ word.  Usually these are one word funky type of names, not necessarily reflecting one's services.  They usually consist of 5-8 letters that have a 'ring' to them. Examples: Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr etc. They are short, pronounceable and trendy sounding, though not always easy to remember the spelling of.  Many startups go this route to save money and establish their identity as being trendy and different. These type of brandable names are good for setting one's business apart from competitors etc., but they usually entail having a good marketing budget or campaign, to embed that name to the public. If your endeavor has the funds to take this on, that type of brandable name may be right for you. Just know that you will need to market it heavily to establish these types of names to the general consumer.

Will having a Brandable Name help me with my cost?

The easier your domain name is to remember, spell and pronounce, the easier your branding efforts will be to establish your name to your current and potential new clientle. The less you have to keep reminding others of "what was that website name?", the less you need to spend to market it over and over. Choosing a domain name with good related keywords will also help you in search engine rankings, and you will spend less money on advertising. 

Why BrandableNames.com?

BrandableNames.com takes pride in having a good variety of brandable domain names.  Our focus is to carefully select easy to remember, short, and common phrase domain names that are unique, identifiable, and above all memorable.  We strive to target various fields and areas of interest, to have a litte something for all. We are always acquirng new brandable names, and will be updating and adding them constantly. If you need such, we will gladly consult with you to help you understand how, why and which brandable name is right for your purposes.

Whether you are looking to get a good keyword rich domain name, a catchy related domain name or a trendy one word domain name, we believe that we have something that will entice you, and further enhance your internet website endeavors.  We hope that you find your future 'Brandable Name' with us!

Help acquirng a certain domain name.

If you have a particular domain name, or type of domain name you'd like to acquire, please let us extend our domain broker services to you. With our long term involvement in the domaining industry, we have many sources and contacts we can reach out to fill your needs. Call or email us for more information.

Brandable Name FAQs

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