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Purchasing a Brandable Name

We understand that purchasing a domain name can cause some to feel a little unsure of the overall process, and that is why we use Escrow.com to facilitate the complete purchasing process. Escrow.com offers domain name buyers a safe, secure and trusted intermediary, for the complete transferring and buying process. When a buyer clicks on the Escrow.com Buy-It-Now button, they are then taken to Escrow.com's website to begin the transaction. Once the account has been funded, and the domain name transferred, Escrow.com will then release both, and the transaction is thus safely finished as in accordance with our terms and conditions, and the buyer then owns the rights to that domain name.

Click on for more info.

(Note: Transactions appear as ICAN Concepts)

We at BrandableNames.com are also here to answer and help with any questions etc. a buyer may have.

Please feel free to call or contact us if you'd like more information.

Phone - 1-818-813-4142

Make Offers - Though we feel our names are very competively priced, on some names we may consider an offer below our listed price. Send us an email of your offer (no greater than 10-25% off listed price) noting the domain name of interest. Upon our review we will respond with an acceptance or counter offer. This offer is at our discretion, and does not apply to all domains.

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Phone - 1-818-813-4142


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